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Enterprise Software Application Solutions

Provide you with tailor-made software tools


TIPTOP ERP custom development

Your best foreign aid force with TIPTOP ERP.

The package system is the core structure, which derives the functions of different industries and can be customized again for TIPTOP ERP.

We are also good at integrating external systems, making friendly operation interfaces, such as Web, APP and other tools, and compatible with the program logic of TIPTOP ERP, to achieve both the company's needs and the new type of budget application method.


OdooERP application import and development

Odoo is an independent and compatible open source ERP, including customer relationship management, e-commerce, inventory management, financial management, project management and POS systems.

An all-in-one system that can grow gradually with your business expansion, system modules can work together seamlessly, can be accessed from anywhere through any device, and allow us and freelance developers to release regular updates.

Odoo ERP has been loved by more than 7 million users. It is a low-cost new tool that Taiwan's major technology companies have begun to pay attention to.


Automation Anywhere RPA 
Process automation robot import service

RPA is simple yet powerful business process automation software.

Robotic Process Automation gives you tools to build your own soft robots to automate any business process.

PRA has been widely used in financial auditing work and has been recognized by the Big Four accounting firms.


Web/APP software solution

Software solutions that are tailored according to needs and optimize the working experience.
From RWD Web / APP / Web APP to integrating AR/VR technology, we can provide various functions and interface designs according to your usage scenarios.


MES/Machine Networking Production Management Solution

The production management solution assists enterprises to track and control materials, machine conditions, production targets and actual output results.
It also integrates IOT technology to provide real-time information on products in progress, such as quality management, equipment operation, inventory status, etc.
Notification of abnormal situations effectively responds to the small and diverse needs of the market, and links process information into production plans to optimize and upgrade factory management, improve process quality, increase equipment utilization, and accelerate market response.


WMS/SCM Material Management Solution

Provides visibility into an enterprise's entire inventory and manages supply chain fulfillment operations from distribution centers to production lines.

By coordinating and optimizing the use of resources and the flow of raw materials, the company can maximize the investment in manpower, space and equipment.

Combined with barcode technology, fully automated logistics status tracking is carried out on the data of each operation link of the warehouse, such as arrival inspection, storage, delivery, transfer, warehouse transfer, and inventory inventory.

Define and manage complex warehousing structures, which can effectively, instantly, correctly and smoothly control the movement and storage of goods in warehousing, and establish a fast-response and precisely controlled sales channel logistics support for the logistics center.

Image by Maxim Tolchinskiy

AI artificial intelligence solution

Artificial intelligence technologies are improving the performance and productivity of businesses, and processes or tasks that used to be performed manually are being automated.

Artificial intelligence can understand large-scale data that humans cannot understand, high-performance computing is available at any time, a large amount of process data produced and sold by enterprises can be used to train algorithms, and highly targeted recommendations provided by AI.

It helps companies make better decisions faster, can reduce costs, shorten time to market, and assist human resources to invest in higher-value work items.


Government Program Counseling Application

The government provides many financial subsidies to guide enterprises to promote industrial upgrading and enhance industrial value. In order to encourage enterprises to engage in technological innovation and application research, or to develop applications and services with technological content, investing in innovative research and development in the field of intelligence has always been a hot field.

Aichuangdian provides one-stop services such as the formulation of the plan direction for applying for government subsidies, accompanying implementation, document report writing, presentation skills training, and accounting write-off consulting.

Let you bravely try with lower risks on the road of innovative R&D and digital transformation.


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