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Talking about Software Development

What is software development doing? To what extent can it be achieved? What should be paid attention to in demand communication?

Industrial Drill

Can AI replace humans?

With the advent of the AI era, all walks of life hope to apply AI to create benefits and reduce costs in innovative operations.

​ But, can AI really replace manpower?

As an intelligent robot in the office, AI can automatically handle most of the repetitive routine tasks, and humans only need to streamline their time to deal with core tasks.

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Image by Robby McCullough

​The most painful complete set rate in the assembly industry

According to statistics, the cost of the assembly industry accounts for 50% of the total cost of product manufacturing, and the required time accounts for 40%-60% of the total production time of the product.

The execution of product assembly emphasizes 4M1E, that is, the overall control of man, machine, material, method, and environment, and the complete kit of materials is the key work.

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Takeaway Food Delivery

​ How to optimize the inventory turnover rate

Determining the right amount of stock is like hitting a moving target.

ERP is used to fully manage company operations and inventory management is a part of the ERP system.

If you want to improve the efficiency of the entire company and measure performance, you can try to use WMS to match the inventory turnover rate and correct the currently set standard inventory to meet actual operating needs.

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