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Web/APP 軟體開發解決方案


Stationary photo

Visual designer, providing the most suitable image

Aichuangdian team has its own visual designer, who can assist you in designing the official website of RWD image.


Customization: Provide planning and analysis according to needs

The Aichuangdian team will provide planning analysis and follow-up system maintenance according to your needs, so that the uniquely designed iOS/Android/cross-platform APP will bring you more business opportunities.


flexible form

In the presentation of solutions, there are not only APP and Web.
We also recommend WebAPP, which has the same functions and effects as APP, but saves the trouble of downloading and installing, and facilitates future updates.

And it only needs to be developed once, and it is suitable for all mobile platforms, which reduces the investment of time and money. It is a new choice recommended for you to try.

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