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Production Management Solutions

The production management solution assists enterprises to track and control materials, machine conditions, production targets and actual output results.
It also integrates IOT technology to provide instant information on products in progress, such as quality management, equipment operation, inventory status, etc.
Notification of abnormal situations effectively responds to the small and diverse needs of the market, and links process information into production plans to optimize and upgrade factory management, improve process quality, increase equipment utilization, and accelerate market response.


MES case record

A sheet metal company in central China has multiple factories and many process stations.

Want to grasp the real-time status of production, and can view, track, record, and analyze the status of the production process in detail.

It achieves the function of collecting real-time information on the manufacturing site and supporting the detailed process management of the factory.


Fit your process design

The manufacturing process is so complex that it varies from industry to industry, and even from company to company in the same field.

The Aichuangdian team starts from the fundamentals, thinking about the value contribution of each information action, and making the manpower and work process smoother.

Allows you to start using the new system more quickly and painlessly, with both production capacity and industrial upgrading.

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