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我們是Odoo 官方台灣認證

Odoo ERP是新世代出色企業,必需要配備的



Odoo ERP

Odoo is a globally applicable open source ERP

Odoo's goal is to provide a series of easy-to-use business management applications to form a complete set of tools to meet various business needs.

Odoo makes it easy for millions of companies to manage the software they need to run and grow their businesses.

30 major applications have been developed on Odoo, all of which are regularly updated.

Odoo has an "Enterprise On-Premise" option and is the most installed business software in the world.

Odoo is used by more than 5,000,000 users worldwide, from startups (1 user) to large enterprises (300,000+ users)


Choose Odoo, let you quickly start trying enterprise digital management.

You can start using any business content,

Odoo provides various modules for finance, sales, human resources, manufacturing management, inventory management, etc.

Odoo tutoring import, and customized development

Use a reasonable budget to create the most usable and scalable ERP

On the basis of the Odoo open source model, the iChuangdian team customizes it according to your process. Allows you to take into account budget and customization needs, and start your business digital transformation.

Odoo has its special grammar and technical framework, and the Aichuangdian team has a lot of experience in Odoo customization, such as manufacturing module (MES), human resource management module (HRM), electronic service module (e-Service )...etc.

It can help you get started with Odoo quickly, so that you can start trying this open source ERP that is popular all over the world.

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