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TIPTOP ERP custom development

Your Success is Our Success

We know that the optimization of large-scale ERP systems is not easy, and is often limited by the strict development specifications of ERP manufacturers.

Whether to re-purchase a set of package modules is often difficult to assess the expense, which makes the internal management improvement of enterprise users stagnant.

There are not many manufacturers in the industry who are familiar with the Dingxin system and can provide integrated process and information technology services.

Every member of the Aichuangdian team has more than 5 years of TIPTOP ERP experience and is very familiar with the TIPTOP ERP system. They can provide you with the most comprehensive system suggestions, the most applicable process planning, and the most reliable customized development.

It is undoubtedly a big expense to upgrade the entire system or expand other product lines.

If what you need is to focus on solving a certain functional problem first, then custom development is a good choice for you to solve the problem immediately and connect to the new system painlessly.

We are good at creating friendly operation interfaces by integrating external systems, such as Web, APP and other tools.

It is also compatible with the program logic of TIPTOP ERP to achieve a new type of application that meets both the company's needs and budget.

service items

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Do you have problems with system operation and implementation process?

Are you unsure about the correlation and influence between fields?

Are you having difficulty during system conversion updates?

​ We have a team of senior consultants and engineers with more than 5 years of TIPTOP ERP.

According to your current situation, we can provide you with the best process planning and system education and training.

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Custom development

Do you want some of the features of your system, but don't want to buy a bundled system?
Don't you want to upgrade and expand the packaged system, but just want to focus on solving a certain functional requirement?

​ We can wire your TIPTOP ERP.
From basic maintenance operations to integrating heterogeneous systems and writing back information to your TIPTOP ERP.

And all processes follow the development specifications of the original factory.


system maintenance

To ensure the normal and reliable operation of the system, the system maintainer must have the ability to rescue immediately.
However, full-time professional system engineers are not a small burden on enterprises.

We provide full-time system maintenance for TIPTOP ERP, and can be paid on a piece-by-piece basis or on a yearly basis.
We usually complete the troubleshooting within 24 hours and assist you to run your work smoothly.

Let you get the most experienced and reliable IT team with the smallest budget.


Case performance

A foreign technology company provides two requirements for the working situation of its field personnel:

  1. Field personnel manually record attendance and then return to the company for reimbursement, which consumes too many invalid working hours

  2. When the field personnel go to the customer's place, when the customer asks about the delivery quantity of the product, they have to call the company back to the sales assistant and check the inventory quantity on TIPTOP ERP, so they cannot reply to the customer immediately.

Considering that the mobile devices used by the field personnel are different, the customer needs to meet both the iOS and Android systems, so he chose to develop the RWD Web APP.

Develop the solution as follows:

  1. Check in through the Web App, automatically convert the mileage and upload it to the ERP system, and perform the integration function of automatic payment reporting.

  2. Pull out the inventory quantity of TIPTOP ERP, and provide overseas business personnel to view the inventory inventory of products in the form of a webpage, so as to quickly reply to customers and win more orders.

​ The integrated development scope of this case:


  • Web APP development

  • Windows AD integration

  • Google map integration

  • Web Services  Development

  • Miscellaneous Accounts Payable Job Consolidation​

Benefits of this case:

✓ Increase turnover

✓ Reduce assistant staff hours by 15%

✓ Reduce field staff hours by 10%

✓ Improve customer order coordination speed by 20%

✓ Reduce paper and report processing by 5%

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