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Material Management Solutions

Materials management solutions provide visibility across a business' entire inventory and manage supplier, supply chain fulfillment operations from distribution center to manufacturing floor.

Mobile devices, electronic kanbans, and ERP systems can be connected in series through barcodes, and the management process from procurement, picking, production, warehousing, shipment to after-sales service can be intelligently operated, and on-site production efficiency, order delivery commitments, and inventory turnover can be improved. Three major indicators.

A reliable tool to help you track and inventory logistics materials and effectively manage the supply chain.

We will tailor-made customized solutions according to your existing processes.

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WMS​case record

A hand tool manufacturer has a lot of outsourced manufacturing needs during the production process, and there may be multiple consecutive outsourced process projects, which makes it difficult to control the progress and affects the delivery date.

In the process of outsourcing, the logistics is carried out by internal drivers, so it is hoped that the APP can be used for real-time delivery and transparent material tracking requirements.

This development and integration project:

  • Android APP development

  • TIPTOP ERP      _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

  • Web Services Development

  • Purchase Order Job Consolidation

  • Goods receipt job integration

  • QC single job integration

  • Work order integration


SCM case record

A semiconductor equipment manufacturer in Hsinchu wants to improve manual paper-based operations, but it is difficult to track the procurement progress, and there are often problems with late delivery of parts.

This system provides a platform for suppliers to stream information, allowing suppliers to actively report progress and delivery dates online.

  1. Integrate the procurement management system through Web Services to obtain purchase order information.

  2. Suppliers need to apply for identity verification through this platform first, and the procurement staff will activate it.

  3. After the approval, the supplier will respond to the delivery date from this platform, and the purchaser will create a purchase order from the procurement management system.

  4. At this time, the "supplier streaming platform" will be connected to send an e-mail to notify the supplier, and the supplier is requested to go to this platform to reply on the delivery date and quantity.

  5. The platform provides an active reminder function. Three days before the delivery date (can be set by the background), it will actively send an E-mail reminder letter to notify suppliers and procurement personnel to ensure that the delivery date can be met on time.

  6. The platform provides a procurement tracking board, which actively displays relevant supplier tracking information such as undelivered goods, late delivery, etc., and through the light display, Bolei procurement personnel can intuitively track relevant suppliers through the board.

  7. The platform provides a printout of the supplier's shipping order, which records the relevant information of the purchase order, and also provides the QR Code used for receiving goods in the factory, so as to speed up the receiving process through collaboration.

Fit your process design

The manufacturing process is so complex that it varies from industry to industry, and even from company to company in the same field.

The Aichuangdian team starts from the fundamentals, thinking about the value contribution of each information action, and making the manpower and work process smoother.

Allows you to start using the new system more quickly and painlessly, with both production capacity and industrial upgrading.

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